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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Some photos...These are from Goomburra National Park, not that far from our house. I think that we are going to go camping there one of these days. (Happyplace, you can tell hubby, that you cant go and shot the cattle there or the wallabies or kangaroos [although kangaroo meat is delicious and fat free])
Cattle loose on the way into the park. you have to drive through a few properties and the cattle are loose and on the road. This trip there were a lot of young calves about ranging from a few days to a month old. Some cows were in calf too, so there should be a lot more little ones roaming about the place.

a wallaby. This little fella was good enough to let me drive up close to it so that my inlaws were able to get a good photo of it. I am pleased to say that they had a great time seeing our native animals and the cows.

My dear inlaws, Tazuko and Kenji! They are such wonderful people, and I am so glad that we get on well.

Kenji and Miles Kenji in the garden! Miles, his father, Jumpei and Kenji, are all alike when it comes to eating. They all think that they are hamsters and need to store their food in the mouths before eating it. They all love noodles and rice too.

Us at the hotel at the Gold Coast before heading to the airport. Miles was being a little shit when it came to photos and saying goodbye as he didnt want them to go. William wasnt too happy with the family changing again. He really enjoyed himself with his grandparents.

Some updates are needed...
Still no car...I am still looking about for one for hubby, but nothing seems to be right. I am rather picky now, as I want one that is going to last a good few years. So the hunt is on.

Finished my crochet exchanges, they will be out in the post on Monday. I am so glad that I have gotten them finished. It now leaves me a bit of time to get a few things ready that I want to get done.

Christmas shopping, havent started yet, neither have I gotten the tree out from the storage room. Will have to do that sometime soon. This week, we have christmas parties at kindy and in Warwick at the shopping centre. So my Thursday and Friday are going to be busy ones.
We have had a lot of rain, flooding in Warwick, nothing much here in my small town. The good news is that my water tank that somehow got empty, is now overflowing with water. Thanks to hubby adding another part to the piping so that it goes straight inside the tank instead of nearly there. So now I have 3 water tanks that are all full. All I have to do is one day buy a pump, but until then, I can just use them the normal way by turning the tap on to get some water out. I might hook one of them up to water the garden.

By the way, my father inlaw did a wonderful job on doing our vegetable garden. Pity the sparrows and pidgeons decided to eat some of the veges. I will go sometime this week and pick up some more replacement veges. We have a lot of tomatoes and corn planted, as well as cabbage, pumpkin, watermelon, and a few others. Cant wait to harvest them.

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  • At 1:57 pm, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Wow, that looks like a really cool place to visit- my kids would love it. I've never seen a kangaroo, I just realized.
    And you are right, The Big Guy could NEVER go. He'd be twitching!! He's gotten his fill of deer this year, and I got one, too.
    (my version of hunting goes like this: make as much noise as possible while loading gun to give deer maximum time to escape. Then close eyes completely while speaking loudly, run, you idiot deer, run! Squeeze trigger in approximate direction of world's stupidest animal, and stare in amazement as the foolish thing actually jumps up into the path of the bullet. No Kidding. Try not to vomit in truck while hubby deals with the gory part. Go to tagging station with hubby, while he tells the guys what a miracle it was that I got the deer.)
    stupidest. animal. ever.
    When next I see that thing, it will be packaged in clean ziploc bags.
    I like the (free) meat, but I'm all set with the providing of it!

  • At 5:56 am, Blogger Kawano said…

    You poor thing. Maybe next time aim at it and you might miss. I have never gone shooting. Wanted too, but dad never took me when they went roo shooting or duck shooting. I still make dad feel guilty about it, as they took the useless boys shooting but not me just because I was a girl. The funny thing is I am a good shooter, I can hit targets up in our tree with a crooked air-rifle. I am thinking about going to get a firearm license, but not sure yet. I would have to really consider it before I went and did it.
    FREE MEAT, every womans dream behind their favourite actor and chocolate. lol


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