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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Allora celebrates 150th birthday

Allora celebrates 150th birthday
Madeleine Logan 1st July 2009

A crowd gathered for the opening of the Commercial Banking
Company of Sydney Ltd in 1910.

A MAN named Samuel Gordon was likely sitting in his shepherds hut on the southern slope of Allora Mountain when he unwittingly made history.
It was July 1, 1859 - 150 years ago to the day - and George Pratten had just completed the survey of a new town.
Established on one square mile (259 hectares) of the Goomburra Station, the crosshatch of streets was to be known as Allora.
Mr Gordon was its first resident.
A small display in the town’s chemist shop is the only marker of today’s historical significance.
Mr Pratten’s survey led to the first sale of town lots at the Warwick Police Office on March 5, 1860.
Blacksmiths arrived. Hotels and supply stores grew. James Gwynne and his wife, Rhoda, started a school in a tent. And in 1869, the town became a municipality and held its first council elections.
History lover Ray Tippett said Allora anticipated becoming “the central hub” of the Darling Downs.
But that was thwarted when the rail line between Toowoomba and Warwick bypassed the town. Electricity was connected in 1933. But sewerage has never been introduced - stifling development in later years.
Today Allora boasts it is “The Best Little Town on the Downs” and remains a picturesque community of 1200, best known for its heritage weekend, held in January, which attracts vintage vehicle lovers from across the country.



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