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Monday, October 13, 2008

Photos, photos and lemon tree blossom

Who is the happier brother? Miles or William???

Close up photo of lemon blossoms from my tree. Not sure if it is normal or not, but it and the orange tree are flowering again, so either they are as confussed as the rest of us about the weather, or it is normal for them to keep flowering after they have fruited for the winter season. I dont remember this happening last year, but I really wasnt paying that much attention to the trees.

Another happy shot of Miles and baby Mickey. He loves my stuffed toys a lot, so much so, that they are now his (by his say, not mine). I will get them back one day...one day!

Here is a butterfly I found laying in the grass the other day when I went to get Miles from Kindy. It must have been on its last legs as it didnt fly away when I picked it up and stuffed it into a little box, and took it with me to kindy for Miles. He was very happy to show off the butterfly to the other children, but he needs to learn that it is OK to show it to some of them. He has a real problem with one of the boys at kindy, I dont know why but he just doesnt like him very much. However, i do think that he does play with him at times. Boys, what can you do!

Killer butterfly as I called it. I left it on the front landing and I am hoping that it flew or blew away, and wasnt eaten by a lizard, but like I said it was on its last legs, and about to die anyway. Very pretty though, I really love the black, yellow and the hint of orange/red. So cute! Cant wait to find some more. All I have to do is add some more plants to the front and do the garden up and i will have some more pretty butterflies flying about the place and a very happy boy (boys) outside trying to catch them.

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