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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a week!

It has been a busy week all round. Firstly I have to get up early (4.45am) to get hubby off to work. I get home at 5.22am, the sun is up, the kids asleep, me tired. From that point on I have my two choices, stay awake and do some housework, or go to bed and have a nice sleep. I end up feeling more tired with the extra sleep, but the kids love it. From there I get Miles ready for kindy, and off we all go, the mere less then 2 minute walk to the building. The rest of my day is a blur of breastfeeding, and driving and some housework, before collecting hubby from work.

BUT that is not all that I have been up to. The computer died. More to the point, Windows crashed and somehow removed itself from the computer, so I had to pay another $90 to get it fixed. I cannot complain, as it is now working smoothly and I have a few extras added to it. They even managed to backup my files too, so I dont have to try and remember what was on there.

William is now 12lbs or just over 6kgs! He got his needles and is doing fine. I havent taken any recent photos of the boys, so will have to charge up the batteries for the camera and get snapping!

CROCHET - just about finished the Mystery CAL for Leftovers Monthly Challenge. It turns out to be Dot's little ditty bag. I have also started the Mystery CAL for CrochetX, and it going well. My other CAL for crochetsocks, is progressing slowly, as I want to get these other projects finished first. I then have a few items to make for an exchange, and then I want to start on some other items, and then christmas items for family. I am tossing up the idea of making personal handbags for christmas, but not sure, I will see how I go and then know for sure what I am doing.

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  • At 10:59 pm, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    wow, you HAVE been busy. You guys are still having car issues?!! That stinks!
    Looking forward to some new pics, and I'll get some of Thing 2 today. It's storming today and we will likely lose power!


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