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Friday, October 10, 2008

When animals kind of attack

What a morning it has been. Driving hubby to work (4.45am), a brown owl almost attacked my car! Lucky I was fully awake whilst driving, or I would have missed the large bird swooping across the front of my windshield. I didnt hit it. But that sure did get the heart pumping.
However, that wasnt the end of my adventure with animals...after dropping hubby off at work, I started heading home, only to see another bird, not sure what, as it was kind of a cross between an emu and peacock, but on a miniture scale. It ran in such a weird manner, unbird like, that I was giggling at it. I just wish I knew what it was, I have decided that it must have been a scrub turkey crossing the road.
But it isnt over just yet. Although this isnt an attack of any sort, my mother called me just before 7am this morning all upset. Somehow, during the night or early morning, the aviary cage door opened, and my birds (some of them) escaped. I love 2 female cockatiels, about 7-9 budgies, and 2 plump quails (I wasnt planning on eating them!). So now I have about 7 budgies and a single, horny male cockatiel left. I have to go and find him a woman soon or there could be a bit of a problem in the aviary. Mum is so sad, as the female cockatiels were laying and sitting on eggs, and now they are gone. I am hoping that the male will jump at the job and look after them, but I am not really holding my breath, as he spent most of today sitting on the side of the cage singing out for his women.
But that wasnt the last of my day with animals....when I got home and was walking out of my room to grab something, a quick grey flash of rodent ran past me. This caused me to let out a scream, followed by my mother laughing at me, when she found out what had happened. But I decided that I would have a look at where that evil little creature went to, under the couch, so I tipped the couch on its side, and let out another scream...I know, I knew it was under there...but that didnt stop the automatic reaction of screaming...its more like an EEEEEK~! But he ran near my crocheting that I have sitting in front of the bookcase, from there he ran behind a box of books. I gave that a little kick, and then proceeded to move the box and the binders that are there next to my treadmill. He wasnt there behind the box, so I picked up 1 of 2 binders, and he wasnt there, 3rd time lucky, the little shit was there in the 2nd binder and he jumped out of it onto the treadmill and ran into his hole. Mum is in the other with William still laughing at me, as I screamed yet again when it jumped from the binder. I swear, I could have been attacked by the less then 5cm monster!!! It is no laughing matter, this is dead serious, they are horrible little things that dart across the room at lightening speed and grow and breed more of themselves. So mum asked me if I had any bait, to which I replied that I did and handed it to her, she took it to the holes, where I proceeded to tell her that it was the hole next to her foot that it went into, so she went for the wrong hole anyway until I repeated myself a dozen times about which hole it was. Finally got it, and she shoved it all the way into the little hole. Within 5 minutes, I heard a few squeaks and then a bit of munching...YES the little grey rodent was eating the bait...I only hope it goes some place away from the house to drop dead. I dont like them but I hate their smell worse.
So that was my day with animals...apart from Kitty, and her rubbing against my legs, or Nippy and Hanibal jumping up at me at mum and dad's, or Possum (cat) running out from under my car as I was driving, I have a good day for getting the heart pumping without doing any exercise to get my heartrate up!

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  • At 4:39 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Oh My God, this is a day for chocolate!!
    Is the rat bastard(mouse) dead in the wall now??

  • At 10:06 am, Blogger Kawano said…

    Not sure if he has died in the wall yet or not, but I am hoping that it isnt in there but somewhere outside.


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