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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Christmas gifts and other projects

With Christmas only a few months away (I think it is about 2 months to go before the big day) I have been giving it a bit of thought about what I would like to do, in terms of gift making. I want to complete atleast 2 or 3 starghans for the kids (Almaaz, Eri, and William) [Miles has one already], a few bags for the ladies, a hat for dad (he has asked me to make him one, and I havent...bad daughter!). Dishclothes, tawashi, and a few other things.

Current projects that I have on my plate are:
Leftover Monthly Challenge Mystery CAL,
CrochetX Secret Pal Exchange,
starting a starghan in pink for Eri (If I can get this finished while my mother in law is here, I can give it to her to give to Eri-chan in Japan.)
Seraphina's Shawl (still working on it when I have a bit of time)
Bookmarks, got to make some bookmarks, I think about 14 in total. (^-^)

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