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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seraphina's Shawl

I am working on my shawl now that I have a bit of down time. I am just about finished with the ball of yarn that I am using, and have the next on hand. I just dont know how big a shawl should really be. It fits nicely on my shoulders, but I think I might end up using the rest of ball #3 and #4 and see what size it is from there. If need be, I can then use the last ball of this yarn that I have for the shawl if needed, or I can make a little bag with it to go with the shawl. Either way, #5 is going to be used for something!

My other projects, include:
  • dishcloths,
  • tawashis,
  • a lot of WIMs
  • knitted squares.

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