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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hive free and feet warm

Miles has gotten over his case of the hives. Poor little thing, everyday for the past 3 days at around 4.30-5pm he would start breaking out in hives. But now they have gone as they came, with real no reason apart from "he might be fighting a virus" or "is he getting over a virus" plus, "we dont know what causes it in little kids". LOL. But now he is better and happy that he no longer itches or has red marks all over his little body. He is also a lot more hungry these day, wanting to eat all night long from when I bring him home from kindy. He thinks it is very funny, but I am running out of food for him. I am planning on doing a little shopping when I go into town later today to pick up some lunchbox stuffers like yoghurt and fruits.

Miles also is in love with his socks that I finished last night for him. He ended up wearing them to bed last night, and loves the fact that they keep him warm. I can foresee another pair of these socks for him, maybe next winter!

Today, there was a box outside my door this morning. Miles was with me, but I managed to not show him it was addressed to him. Marissa, sent him a little package to keep him happy for when the baby arrives, I had a sneak peek inside, and boy is he going to be spoilt when he opens it. I am sure that he is going to love the box with it many wonderful items.

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