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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oranges and Lemons

Since my orange and lemon tree seems to be fruiting still and no amount of giving them away is making the production of fruit slow down. I am going to have to use them...lol I need to find recipes to use them. The lemons arent sour, they are the sweet variety, lemonade lemons! Yesterday, my mother and I juiced 1 medium sized box of lemons, and then juiced another box full of oranges. Still there is plenty of fruits on the trees. I made lemonade cordial with a lot of lemons and sugar water, it tastes so nice and refreshing too!

I thought about making some orange jelly. It sounds interesting, and I know Miles loves wobbly wobbly jelly! So, I have searched the net, and found a simple recipe for them. So I am going to give that a go. It would be nice to have some refreshing desserts for after dinner.
I also want to make some biscuits! Even thinking about orange creme filling for the biscuits, but not really sure yet, as it is freezing in the house and I dont think that the cream cheese will be at a nice room temp. I will keep hunting around for some more recipes!

I have decided for the 2009 season of my fruit trees, I will be making a lot more juice and freezing it away for the summer.

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