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Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing happening

Even with the aches and pains at night, nothing is happening. I thought earlier this morning that the baby had dropped down a bit further, but I fear he is teasing me! I have my next appointment on Wednesday with the doctor, so it might be interesting to see if I will have any news, apart from "that is good" or "all seems well".
During most nights, I am in a lot of pain, but I wouldnt class some of the pains as labour pains, but there are a few that are getting close to that amazing pain. Jumpei is on edge when ever I have a pain, and wants to rush me to the hospital, but it just isnt time yet. I think he is getting excited for the baby to arrive. Miles has become more needy over the last couple of days, so my guess is that he can sense the change that is coming. As most nights, he climbs onto my lap and goes off to sleep, or he wants cuddles all the time. As he so proclaims, "I'm so so lonely" in a very soft, weak voice. Which translates to "I want a cuddle and you to look at me for the next 10 minutes or so". Not that I am complaining, as I really like him.
He is very helpful in the kitchen too. He likes to help me all the time in the kitchen. The other day, I had him make meatballs whilst I cooked them. He was so proud of himself, and has asked again since to make them. But I just dont want meatballs for dinner. He gets so excited about helping me out in any way. I have him taking his dirty clothes to the washing machine as well.
Tonight, I think that I might surprise him with an amigurumi toy, if I get the time. I am working on his Origami Turkish Socks. I am onto the second sock, and it is almost finished. I have to just finish the body and heel of the socks and then sew them together. I just hope that I did the measurements correctly, so that they fit my boy's feet. He wants to keep trying them on as I work on them but since it is an origami style sock, it is a little hard to work out if it is the correct size or not, but it looks right for now. If not, then I will have a pair made for William when his feet are large enough.
I hope to get photos taken of the socks before I sew them. I am enjoying the crunch stitch that is used in the pattern. I normally stay away from stitches like that, as I am not sure how I am supposed to get them to the same height, until I realised that it doesnt matter about the height, it is all about the effect of the stitch texture on the final object.

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