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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup is finished for this term....and SLYTHERIN won!!! Great news for me, as I am a Slytherin. We won by a landslide. I still have a few projects to complete (so I am now in detention to finish them).

Master Two, will be one in a few weeks. Already he is walking some, he can manage about a metre before he falls or sits down. It wont be to long now before he is walking and getting himself into more trouble. He also has 5 teeth, the sixth one is starting to come through. I still dont know what I am going to be doing for his birthday, but it will be a small gathering of family and friends, some cake and that is about it for the moment.

Master One, is so ready for Prep. We will have an open day next week, and he is looking forward to that so much. I still have to explain that it will be next year before he can go to school. It is great to see that he is really excited about it. I cant wait for him to start, I am sure that he is going to excel there.

Hubby has been sick with the flu, he is so unlucky, as he has the one that lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks. We are currently in week 2, and he is getting better but a fever ever now and then at night. I hope that it ends this week and he is back to normal. :) He is a good patient though.

Me, I have a lovely case of hayfever from my conifers as they have a lot of little flowers. I am also got a bug, the cleaning bug, so I have been doing a bit of cleaning and removing of items I dont need or use. It is great fun. I still have the lounge and spare rooms to do, as well as the kitchen, then I can hit the bedrooms. The boys room is in serious need of being clutter free.
Also, now my chances of having another baby has increased from "maybe not yet" to "damn it, got to go shopping and pick up a few things" and "this explains those pimples". Hubby is happy about having another set of feet about the place. So I am thinking it is going to be something like within the next 6 months....lol If so, I so want a baby girl. Just to make it clear, I am not pregs at the moment!!!
Tonight, I have cut out 42 little apples for Kindy. I did it all cos I am nice...lol and I asked if there was anything that needed to be done. Tomorrow I might help out a bit at kindy before coming home and doing some work. I cant go anywhere as my car has a bit of a leak. The water heating hose has a crack in it. So I am going to have to get that fixed before I can go anywhere! Its not fair!!!
Latte and Chino (our two kittens) are so cute! I will get some photos of them soon and put them up on here, they are just so much fun and the kids love them.
We also got 4 hens, fresh eggs everyday and they dont do to much damage to the gardens....what I am saying, they have uprooted my plants. I will have to go and replant them again tomorrow. The little shits, but they do give good eggs. So that just about makes up for their short comings. They are also very friendly and dont attack the kids, the cats are another story, as they kind of hunt after them.

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