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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The boys look like their dad

Happyplace you are correct that William looks like his dad. Both Miles and William look so much the same as babies. I will have to go and scan in some baby photos of Miles and post them here, they look so much alike.

This morning, William decided to change his sleeping and waking times, I cannot complain, he decided to sleep in till 7.30! But he did bring his 4am feed to up to just before 3am. But it is nice to have a bit of a sleep in, even if it doesnt last for very long.

Yesterday, was so hot, we had a weather warning for our area saying that we were going to get strong winds, rain, hail, etc...but we only got a bit of rain, and some wind, not heavy rain, that would cause flash flooding. Just less then mild rain that on total only lasted about 10 minutes (I am sure it is less then that, as there isnt even a flood in our driveway).

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  • At 2:34 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    It's so funny to hear you talk of it warming up there, while we are worrying about the first frost here. Hurrah for babies sleeping long stretches through the night! I loved it when they went from midnight to 7am or so...those were MY hours, and it worked out soooo well.
    p.s. Miles looks a lot more like you NOW!
    He's so darn cute!!!


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