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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pregnancy update - A busy day at the hospital

Today I went to the hospital for my usual checkup...but it was anything but usual. The night before, I had contractions from 4pm to 11.30pm, and then every now and then during the day. I wasnt really worried that, as I think that it is just the body practising for the actual labour. I mentioned it to the nurse that was taking my blood pressure, and would you believe, my blood pressure was 145/99!!! That is really high, but I think it was wrong, due to the fact she was using a smaller cuff then the one I usually use. So from there I was seen by a midwife, he took me upstairs to the birthing suites and I didnt even have time to get my mother who was in the waiting room (she was there for 2 hours before she decided it was too long for me to be with the doctors, and finally found me upstairs after being told I wasnt there). Poor old girl...I know, she isnt that old really but when your waiting for 2 hours and then told your daughter is not there, I am sure she was very confused. By 4pm I had to get going to collect Miles from Kindy, as I couldnt get my husband at home, he was still at work! So I had to quickly leave the hospital, with my high blood pressure, which I was checked 3 more times before leaving, and had a trace placed on me for 1.5 hours! The baby is fine, by the way, good heart beat and movements. I had to get back to the hospital as the doctor who was with me, during my time there, had to rush next door to the other room due to an emergency. All I heard was the work Prolapse and a woman crying and a lot of running around and the incubator in my room being taken away quickly, and my doctor not returning as he had to go into emergency surgery. So after getting Miles, feeding him and Jumpei coming home, we headed back to the hospital just after 5pm, where I was sent back up to the birthing suite and the trace placed on me and my blood pressure taken again. This time, it was back to normal, I think it was something like 135/84, so just after 7pm we were able to leave the hospital. But I have to go back there on Friday morning, but i have call first, as there could be another emergency, but the nurse is hoping for an uneventful morning. If I am lucky, I might be having this baby soon.



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