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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunny one day, overcast the next

Yesterday, even with all the dramas at the hospital, it was a lovely sunny day. It got me thinking that today, I would do my laundry and hang it out to dry. But alas, the weather has changed yet again, from about 8pm last night, it was windy and cold, and this morning is no difference. It is overcast, no sun even peaking out of the clouds, so the laundry can stay where it is until tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be nice tomorrow when I have to be up at the hospital again.
I just hope it is a nice day later on, but it already 11am and still no change from this morning. It still feels like 7am. The only good thing that could come out of it, would be if it started raining, so I wouldnt have to go outside to water my cherry flower tree. I got Jumpei to plant it for me where I want to make my Japanese style garden. All I have to do is get motivated and start doing my gardens. I am extremely lazy, I can work everything out and have a plan but the excution of the plan is where I come undone, I just dont do it. But this time, I am going to make my little garden for relaxation and for somewhere nice to sit down and relax. I am sure that Jumpei will help me out if I keep buying and getting plants. I am going to get the front garden done too, and might get dad to drive me out to Gatton to pick up some plants from the big nursery out there. Instant garden!
Well, I have already started dinner for tonight. Some chicken drumsticks marinated in my special sauce, and chicken marylands done in cashew nuts, cracked pepper and olive oil. They are cooking at the moment, so I will have time later to make up some vegetables and possibly a soup if this weather is still overcast and miserable. Might even make a few breadrolls later too. But it depends on how tired I get from this "relaxing" that I am supposed to be doing.

Crochet and knitting
Might end up doing a bit more crocheting and knitting today as well. I am still working on a few items, like my Seraphina's shawl. I finished off a couple of dishcloths, and a set of coasters for my exchange partners. I will end up taking some photos of them to add to my projects page on ravelry. It is great to see how many items and projects I can finish, and I must say, I do feel proud that I am able to get so much done. I really have to start using up my stash of yarn, as I am sure hubby is getting a little peeved that they are taking up the front room, and I need that front room for when my inlaws come. So I have got to get a bit done. Thankfully, I have Miles, and he is asking me for some projects like, last night he wanted me to make him another starghan. I might end up making his one later by adding some more different colours to them, as he loves his blanket and his elmo blanket that I made for him when he was little. But first I want to get a few more projects out of the way and then I will work on some more things for him and his brother when he arrives.

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