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Friday, October 03, 2008

Isnt he cute!

We just cant stop looking at this picture of William. He is just so darn cute! Very alert too!
He is now over 10lbs! He is now 4.6kgs! He has put on about 560grams in 2 weeks. A little rolly-polly baby he is becoming from his constant feeding!

CAR----Dad is going to do a swap with us for his Falcon for hubby's van. Not a fair deal but he wants to do it. I just have to pay to get it roadworthy and registared, but that is fine by me, as I would have paid more to get a car up to scratch for hubby too. So that should all be done in about 2 weeks time. In the meantime, if I dont need the car for the day, hubby can take it to work, if I need it however, I have to get him into work (leave by 4.45am) and pick him up again (whenever work finishes). Thankfully, I brought him a mobile phone, so now he can call me instead of searching for a public payphone.
Forgot to mention the van managed to drain itself of its battery yet again!

Miles--cut his hair today! Hubby tried to fix it, I now have a child who looks like

Fuguta Tarao from Sazae-san (her 3yr old son).

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  • At 12:15 am, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Oh my God, look how much he's changed! I just want to smooch those little chubby cheeks!! Oh, this is the best stage, they are just so cute and cuddly, and don't have the ability to yell, 'hey, put me down and stop kissing me!'. (Though Thing 2 will only say that if his friends are around, at home he loves it!)
    Sounds like you guys have some early mornings coming up for a while, yuck!


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