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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My secret obession (other then crocheting or knitting)

I have to admit that I have an obession (healthy I hope) with music, but not just any music, it has to be cool, groovy for its day, and above all enjoyable. That is why, I like Eric Burdon and The Animals, and Eric Burdon and War, pretty much anything by Eric Burdon will do me fine. I wouldnt say it is good housework music (Matrix soundtrack or Nickelback's first album or Smashing Pumpkins, work a treat with me when I am doing housework).
Recently, my dear husband (my enabler) said to me that I could buy some Eric Burdon CDs. Well I came across an LP record of Eric Burdon declares "War" for A$3.50 on ebay. I told him about it, and he was shocked, as in Japan, that LP is very expensive. My husband is a big fan of War. So he said I could buy it, so I did, knowing that he would put it with his collection of LPs in his music room. But I was allowed to buy the CD as well. So now, my enabler and I are happy with the music that I listen too. I must say that my husbands current love is AC/DC, so for fathers day I brought him about 5 AC/DC CDs and 2 DVDs of theirs. So whenever I leave him alone for any period of time I am sure that he is either listening to or watching them. I dont mind them either, but at the moment I want to be listening to something that is cool, not going to make me break out my air guitar, or anything silly like that.
I must admit, that for a while my radio wasnt working in the car, I would listen to The Animals tape that I picked up for 50c at St. Vinnies. Miles, sings to them in the back of the car whilst I am driving. It is so cute listening to him sing to them. Hubby is trying to get him to sing to AC/DC at the moment, and learn the guitar to play Thunderstruck. If only I could get him to play some Animals for me on the guitar!
So from time to time, I might post music clips that I like from youtube (thankyou whoever created youtube!)

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  • At 11:28 pm, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Haha, I now have a picture in my head of you and J jumping around with your air guitars, cleaning house to AC/DC!!


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