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Saturday, August 05, 2006

What next....

Well I am feeling a bit restless, so I have decided to go to TAFE and do a course for Justice of the Peace. I have wanted to one of them for a while, so what a great chance to go and do it, I have to travel to Toowoomba for an 8am-5pm class, on Saturday. Then I will have to make an appointment with the magistrates office at the court house to sit the exam. I hope that I do fine with it, as it would be great to be a JP.

I am also looking at some other courses to do, I might take up an IT course as well at a later date.

Doily progress
Well I have had a cold, given to me by my now 19month old son, so work on the doily has been going very slowly, I am now onto my second flower, I was hoping to have started the next round, but just havent had the drive to get to it. Hopefully, later today I will get the flowers done. \(*_*)/
I will see if I can get some photos taken of the progress of my doily.


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