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Monday, October 06, 2008


Manly won!!! 40-0
Menzies scored a try in the 73rd minute!
So another year of NRL football is over, but thankfully, we have the ARL (Australian Rubgy League) on this year. Our national team announced sometimes soon. So more footy for a few more months at least.

season is now starting, so our summer is going to be full of cricket! Cant wait!

Softball starts this weekend. Training is on Thursday, so I have to somehow, get Miles to training, as he hasnt been to one yet, and he plays on Saturday. I am hoping that my car will be fixed by 3pm so that I can collect him and head off. I must make sure that I have the car packed and ready for all of us for Saturday, as hubby is also playing on Saturday, but not sure of the time for his game, it will either be around 2 or 4, and then he might be playing in the A1 mens grade too. So he could have 2 games to attend to. (*-*)

More wildlife out the back. Yesterday, our neighbour told us that they have a brown snake in their backyard. YUCK! I hate snakes, they are evil looking. I dont care if they do eat mice, and other little animals, I just dont want it near me, around me, or in my yard. I am hoping that it has gone back to where ever it came from (not my yard).

I think this summer we are going to have a few snake sightings in and around our place. It is already feeling like summer here, even though it is supposed to be spring.
It was that hot here, that even William let me have him naked for a while. He hates to be naked, but since it was so hot (no rain in sight either), he was very happy to be in the nude and laying about on my lap. He is a little rolly-polly at the moment, from drinking so much milk! He did have a long sleep last night. He is still sleeping now, and itis 7.50am, he is just so tired, and full. He is so content and happy. He loves looking at Miles, and I often catch him looking at Miles whenever he is in the room. I am sure that he is going to be following his big brother around when he can crawl and walk.

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