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Saturday, October 04, 2008

An adventurous morning

An adventurous morning, that is how we started our normally uneventful day on our way to Toowoomba. We had just passed the Flats and were heading up the hill when I spotted what I thought was a kitten sitting next to the road. I thought it might have been hit by a car, so I did a U-turn and headed back down the road and pulled up. Hubby jumped out and headed across the road to have a look at the kitten. He ran back over and said it was a bird, an owl (an Australian Barn Owl). When asked if it was alive he said "yes". So I told him to grab one of William's blankets in the back and wrap the bird in it. He did, but he bundled the bird up like you would a baby, with the head sticking out. I told him to cover the head, as it would cause the bird a bit of distress if it is exposed. So once we were all settled in, we headed to Toowoomba once again. We decided that since we dont know where a Vets is, that we would head over to the police station to ask, but would you believe they were closed! So I drove blind, and just kept thinking about a vets that I know is on the corner of some street. My only problem is I have to work out what "some street" is!. But would you believe it I found it in the first go! Once inside the vets, I had to fill in a form, and the little guy (or girl) was taken by the vet. If it can be saved, it will be rehab'ed and hopefully released back into the wild. I hope so, as it is a damn beautiful bird, with big black eyes and a white face. So pretty!
This is what the bird looks like (although, this is not the actual bird, we didnt take a photo of it, as we didnt want to stress it any further).

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  • At 11:13 pm, Blogger Happyplace. said…

    Did you have the kids with you? I'm wondering what M thought of the owl! Very cool. I love how mean owls look.

  • At 11:20 pm, Blogger Kawano said…

    Yeah he was in the car, but he didnt really see the owl, but he knew it was in the car with us. He loves the fact that we helped it. I might give the vets a call later in week or tomorrow to see if it is alright.


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