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Thursday, November 08, 2007

hanabi vs sakura

Yesterday I sat my exam for Japanese. I know for sure that I got one part incorrect, I should have written さくら instead of はなび in the test. But I am confident that I did well in all other sections of the exam. I am expecting to get another Distinction with this terms work. I think I might have missed out on a High Distinction but I am happy with anything that I might have gotten. I will find out my results in a couple of weeks, after the examing period.

I lost all of my baby budgies, as another hen got in there and killed the babies. I was pretty sad but that is life. I am getting some breeding cabinets (hopefully on Sunday) and I will place both hen and cock into a breeding cabinet. Hopefully I will be able to breed successful this time around.
I brought a runner budgie and have him at home with a 3 toed quail that I got for free at the markets. When I got the quail home I noticed that there was some string wrapped around his foot, and that could also explain the missing toes. We managed to get that off and he seems to be enjoying himself with the budgie. We have called the budgie Darling and the quail Chalky (Miles chose that name, and he loves Chalky a lot).
I also picked up another cock budgie from the market, he is 3 years old and a very vibrant green and he is a larger budgie, I have him paired up with the albino hen at the moment, and once the breeding cabinets are here, I will be putting the two of them there and hopefully we will get some pretty babies out of them. Once they start laying and hatching the babies, I will be sure to post pictures of them. I still need to build the flying/nursery area and the bigger aviary but I should be able to get that done soonish. I have the main buildings already, all that is left is just adding on the extensions and adding some homely touches to the areas.

Now that the exam and study is out of the way for now, I can go and get some crocheting done. I have to do a few doilies and bookmarks and coasters for Blue Care, before the market day on the 7th of December. I have a few done already but there are so many patterns out there that I want to make. On top of that I have a few projects that I want to do for my family. I am still working a beret for my husband, it is about 50% done, and then there is a gift I want to make for my son.


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