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Friday, October 12, 2007

now back to crocheting

I have finally gotten onto Ravelry.com, I am enjoying the site a lot, and there seems to be so many projects available on the site, that I have already queued 29 projects. I have already finished a set of four coasters. All that is left is blocking them and then dressing them up for presentation. I dont know what I will be doing for that. I might crochet up a little tie for them.
I am also looking at a few more projects to start soon, so I have a few ideas and a few more WIMs but that is expected of a crocheter.

Budgie news
I have 3 chicks already, I am hoping to have a few more. Hopefully they will be as good looking as their parents.

The chicks...

The Mother in foreground

Possible fathers...

In about 5 weeks, I will be taking the babies out and hand taming them. Hopefully I wont have any trouble with them. I am really looking forward to playing with those little jellybeans...once they have their feathers.


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