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Friday, November 09, 2007

Edging items - some useful information

I came across this on another list that I belong to, and thought that it was so good that I just had to pass it on to you all...
It is about adding edging to FOs ...

If you made the square in the round, you just use the last row's stitches as a guide, adding extra stitches in the corner for ease. For sc, that is 3 sc in the corners. For dc, you will add 5 dc in the corners.

If you worked the square in rows, you will need to figure a little differently. If the square is a true square, the stitches added on the sides should be the same number as the ones on the

Generally speaking, you go by the heighth of the stitches on the sides of the rows.
For example,
sc = 1 stitch,
hdc = 2 sts,
dc = 3 sts,
tc = 4 st, etc.

However, sometimes that will cause work to ruffle so I may do 5 sts. across 2 dc instead of 6 sts.

Hilary also added the following...Is it truly a square?

If so, you'll want the exact same # stitches on the side as across
the top and bottom. This will usually be the same as your foundation
chain minus the turning stitches, or # stitches in the first row.
(depends on the pattern stitches used)

Sometimes the stitches along the side may be every row, every second
row, 3 stitches every 2 rows, or even 2 stitches every 3 rows. All
depends on what stitches you're using. This method will make it
easier to figure:

Take a box of straigt pins. On the foundation row edge, count the #
of stitches. Put a pin in the center stitch, then divide each half
into quarters, mark with a pin.

Now fold the square in 1/2 along the side. Mark the center with a
pin. Divide each half into quarters, mark with a pin.

On the foundation row, count how many stitches between pins. Make
that same # of stitches between pins on the sides as well.

And don't forget the 3 stitches in every corner. :D


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