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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Books books books

I love books. My house (well my parents anyway) is full of books. Both Dad and me share a passion for them. And whenever we can we head off to bookfests, the local service station, and the lifeline and st. vinnies for cheap books. On the 1st of September there is going to be a Bookfest in Warwick, so we are heading there on the Friday to check it out and bring home some books. Hopefully, I will be able to find some crochet books. I picked up 3 leaflets on mens clothing on my last visit to st. vincents in Warwick and I am pleased with them. I dont know if I would make them but if I do, I have them there ready to go. If not, I can use them as guides for whatever I am making. So fingers crossed that I will come across a lot crochet books whilst Im there. I am in the mood for a suspense book at the moment, but I have a pile of books here waiting to be read. I have things on my hooks and needle, and missing needles (thanks to the little man!)


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