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Monday, August 21, 2006

Cute Koalas

I thought that this picture was so cute of a little Koala and its mother. I havent seen any koalas about here in the Darling Downs, but there are road signs in some areas stating that there are koalas about. Have seen a lot of wallabies and kangaroos with their joey's about. Some living and some roadkill. They are strange creatures, small heads and big bodies, all out of proportion, but cute none the less.

Last night, since I finished the four square doily, I thought that I would get finish off the Venetian doily that I started yesterday, but I ended up picking up my knitting, and did a few rows of that, whilst I watched CSI and CSI: Miami, but went to bed half way through Miami...now I have to go and see what happened. :)

On my hooks at the moment are: venetian doily from Celtwick, an afghan (possible frog), knit moebius.


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