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Friday, January 05, 2007

Converting Knitting to Crocheting

Most knitting instructions are easy to convert. You only need to know a fewbasic stitch conversions to change your favorite knitting pattern into yourfavorite crochet pattern.
STEP 1: Use a crochet hook to make a gauged sample. Change the size of hookuntil you reach the needed gauge to complete the project.
STEP 2: Change the knit gauge to the crochet gauge by exchanging thestitches listed in the following steps.
STEP 3: Make a copy of your pattern and pencil in the crochet stitches touse above the knitting ones.
STEP 4: Chain stitch the number of cast-on stitches or the number needed toreach the needed gauge.
STEP 5: Convert one row of knit and one row of purl (or two rows of knit) toone row of single crochet.
STEP 6: Substitute one row of half-double crochet for three rows of knitting(or for k1, p1, k1).
STEP 7: Crochet one row of double crochet to replace one row of knit, onerow of purl, one row of knit, and one row of purl.
STEP 8: Change six rows of stockinette to one row of treble crochet.
STEP 9: Periodically check the gauge to make sure you are staying in thecorrect measurement. Tips & Warnings The weight of the thread used will also change the gauge and texture of your project.
I came across this on an emailing group about crocheting.


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