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Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday, as I was looking in a charity store, I came across a few balls of wool and some other crochet WIMs, I brought 2 bags of the items that were there, I could have brought more, but I dont think that my husband would be too thrilled with me with buying more wool...lol

With one of the bags i brought, it contained a ball of green yarn, and the makings of an afghan. I think that I will change it a bit and make it into a rectangle shawl and crochet some flowers and attach it to the ends it. It should look really nice.

I havent looked at the other bag, but I know it contains 8 balls of wool and a few knit items (finished back and 2 1/2 sleeves, I will see what it looks like and might a)frog it all, or b)create my own jumper from it for my husband with a mixture of crochet and knit...knit back and crochet front, but would have to see what the sleeves were like, I might even make a vest from it for my husband. It will all depend on the size of the item.


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