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Friday, September 01, 2006


Oh I would love to have this book added to my collection, but all I have to do is find it in my local bookstore. Hopefully, it wont cost me an arm and a leg.

At one of the local newsagencies that I visited, I came across two little crochet booklets from Annie's Attic. Although I would love to have brought them, I was shocked to see how expensive they were. If they went so expensive they would be sitting in my folder, ready for me to find my next project. But one thing that is great is the internet. I love how I can find almost all the things that I want. I dont think that I am limited to much by not having these books added to my collection...but it would be nice to have something new in there...

Today I have placed Miles in the childcare center (this isn't the first time) but it is going to be for the whole day. I am missing him, the house is so quiet! I will pick him up a little later in the afternoon. I am sure that he is enjoying himself with the other children there. It is so so quiet here in the house. Everyone is out as well, so it is very peaceful.


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