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Sunday, September 17, 2006

My lastest finds

I thought that I should write about my lastest finds. On Friday, Dad and myself headed into Warwick for a bit of a look around as we were both free. We ended up going to St. Vinnies, and whilst we were there, I came across 2 bags of yarn. Both 5ply but one bag contained quite a few little granny squares, so I decided to make the taperstry tote that was talked about on Crochetville.org, I have sewn it all together, and all that is left to do is the edge and the hangles. There are an assortment of colours but the bag looks alright to me. I plan on sewing the inside of it and maybe making a pocket to go in it as well from one of the left over squares.

Last Saturday, whilst I was in Toowoomba with my husband and son, I came across a group of ladies crocheting in from of K-Mart, they had some afghans for raffle and sale, as well as some crochet books, by a local crocheter. They were $A5, and I brought $A10 worth. One set contained 3 books and the other just by it self, so I ended up getting 4 books full of wonderful patterns.

on my hooks
Matinee swingers sweater...just getting started
Lion Brand Foral fantasy pullover....just getting started.

Off my hook
I finished my Amigurumi, just have one arm to sew on, but Miles, runs off with it. He likes it with only one arm. I will post photos of it on here soon.


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