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Saturday, September 09, 2006

FO bag and can cover/little pouch

These are the little projects I have worked on to use up some of the thread that my mother brought. She wanted something to hold her ice-cold cans of softdrink in so I made her the little pouch with the 4 beads on it, it can also be used to hold little items in it too. The other one I made for my Aunt, who is visiting from Fiji, I did start out making the same thing for her as I did my mother, but decided to try my own design on it, and made a little bag/pouch for her. The four beads at the top, have corresponding hooks on them so that she can close the top of it, I also made a little handle so that she can carry it with her. It was my first time playing with beads, and I enjoyed it. :)


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