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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Postie outside

Lisa the wonderful Fairy
Well yesterday the postie arrived in the 4x4 outside and i knew that it had to be for me...and it was. Lisa had posted me a collection of yarn from America for me as I have a hard time finding any of them here in Australia, so I was very happy to receive some. I cant wait to start making things with them, now all i have to do is work out what I want to make and then go for it. My son was happy too as he was jumping all over the box and helped me open it in the 17 month old kind of way. Thank you Lisa for sending me this wonderful gift.

Also some more good news, I won Bingo!!! Thank you Lillian for having the contest on. It was played on crochetsocks egroup and now that I have won I have to call bingo and make up a parcel to send out...Im so excited too. Maybe I should go and get a lotto ticket??


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