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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The heat is on...

It is stinking hot here! It is too hot to crochet, to hot to eat, TO HOT TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!

I am currently finishing a bag that I am designing, I am using Red Heart in shades of blue, two different types of multicoloured blues. I am working on the last part of the bag, the side panel. It is all done in single crochet, and so far looks good. I am making side pockets for the outside, and maybe some for the inside. I will have to see how it holds up.

My friend in Japan, sent me two books on Hello Kitty designs to crochet. I am planning on having a go at making some of them in the near future.

Studies - I am undertaking a Diploma in Modern Languages this year through UNE. I am excited, as I am doing Japanese. I am hoping that it will make it easier to communicate with my in-laws and friends in Japan, as well as my dear husband. So far I am relearning Hirakata ひらがな and Katagana カタガナ alphabets. In a couple of weeks I should be learning some Kanji and simple sentences. I might even write a letter to my mother in law. My DH told his parents that I was doing this course and they are very excited about it.


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